The cave of Melissani was discovered by Giannis Petrohilos in 1951 and is located 2 km northwest of Sami. It is considered a unique geological phenomenon and a mandatory stop for the island’s visitors.
It is accessible with built-in steps since the natural entryway is on the roof from a hole which was created by the fall of rocks. The lake in the cave is 20 km under the ground surface, it has 160 m length and the water is 10 to 40 m deep. The cave’s stalactites are 20000 years old. At ancient times the cave and the little island which is in the center of the lake, were cult monuments for god Pana and other goddesses, the Nymphs. That’s why the cave is also known as the Nymphs’ cave. Boaters wait on the artificial entryway to do the round of the lace with their boats, while they talk about the cave’s history. The view is impressive since the colors of the waters in combination with the light from the hole above create unimaginable pictures.

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